19 September 2009



Daniel Lewis lives in Rushcutters Bay in Sydney, Australia. He does not live in Rechovot, Israel, or any other Israeli city or town. Other responses to the above article were from such people as Michael Burd who, as we all know, lives in Toorak, Melbourne, and not in Tel Aviv, Israel, and also Philip Mendes, who works at Monash University in Melbourne and not at any university in Israel.

They all set themselves up as experts on Israeli politics and critics of Israel who DARE to say anything adverse about their beloved "fatherland? motherland? homeland?"

Then, people such as Daniel Lewis of Rushcutters Bay decides that he will attack people like me because I am gay, and because he says I have had nothing to do with the Jewish community for years. What Jewish community is he actually talking about?
What does he know about me, or my background and how does he manage to presume that he has all the answers to the problems of Israel-Palestine? He is as ignorant as nearly all the fanatical Australian zionists who live in Australia but LOVE Israel!!

Daniel Lewis's analyses are not even at undergraduate level - that would be bestowing too high a degree of qualification on his pontifications. Here is what he had to say in his first attack on Michael Brull, Antony Loewenstein and me, amongst his other "targets":

danlew 30/03/09 10:48PM
More undergraduate "analysis" from Antony Loewenstein’s IAJV mob.
This would be the same Michael Brull who apparently describes himself as "an Australian commentator on Jewish matters" and earlier in the week wrote a piece about prominent Jewish judge "Edward Einfeld". you know? The guy that got sent to jail for a speeding ticket and perjury? Edward? Anyone?
Brull described [Marcus] Einfeld as "one of the Jewish community’s most decent and admirable figures" yet apparently couldn’t even get his name right.
And of course, in the true Loewenstein tradition, when people laughed at him, and pointed out that he really had no idea what the hell he was talking about, that could only possibly be further proof of insidious Zionist smear tactics… Read all about the modus operandi of yet another thin-skinned, glass-jawed "anti-Zionist" (cough cough cough) commentator.
Say what you want about Mendes, Michael, at least he actually has a clue what he’s talking about…

This was my response which Lewis got so hot under the collar about, and decided that homosexuals couldn't have opinions because they wouldn't go and live in certain arab countries which kill homosexuals. Well by now Lewis will have discovered they kill homosexuals in Tel Aviv as well.

josken1 31/03/09 12:33AM
1) "I’d love to know who ‘Michael Brull’ is.
His article is so twisted that it would be hilarious if it weren’t on a legitimate forum.
The IAJV currently has just over 500 signatories. Out of a Jewish community that numbers more than 100,000 so obviously the majority of the Jewish community agrees with what the umbrella organisations are doing. "
2)"More undergraduate "analysis" from Antony Loewenstein’s IAJV mob.
Say what you want about Mendes, Michael, at least he actually has a clue what he’s talking about…"

The relevance of who ‘Michael Brull’ is to the contents of his article are somewhat puzzling. There may be over 100,000 Jews in Australia, but they are not a unified community, and there are many Jews who do not have any affiliations with Jewish community organisations. At least the 500 or so signatories, of whom I happen to be one, are at least prepared to stand up and be counted amongst those who oppose the zionist, racist, apartheid state of Israel.
I am also not sure what is meant by undergraduate "analysis" from Antony Loewenstein’s IAJV mob.
People who have researched and written extensively and in great depth about Israel/Palestine are academics of professorial level and some have lost their positions at US universities because of AIPAC and its lobbying to the highest echelons of that government.
A few books which may help to educate and inform are:
Overcoming Zionism by Joel Kovel
The One-State Solution by Virginia Tilley
Beyond Chutzpah by Norman Finkelstein

…….and Mendes does not have a clue as to what he is talking about - he lives in Australia and not in Israel, as do so many of those who sit here away from the excesses of the IDF and are not prepared to actually go and live in Israel.
One has to wonder why.
And as a Jew I object to the label anti-semitic being so loosely used as to make it irrelevant!

danlew 31/03/09 8:55AM
"At least the 500 or so signatories, of whom I happen to be one, are at least prepared to stand up and be counted"
Oh please. Look up Josken and see how he effectively removed himself from the Jewish community years ago, for personal reasons. The issues and resentment are his, and his alone.
Isn’t it fascinating that the only people, like Loewenstein, Brull, Mannie et al. who ever seem to start a sentence with the words "as a Jew", as he does in his final paragraph, feel the need to remind people. Every other credible Jewish person doesn’t need to convince themself or others.
Sorry Mannie, you’re not fooling anyone. If you want to spend your life attacking Jews and Israel, fine. The good news, is nobody is going to murder you for it (as opposed to say being a homosexual in Gaza or Iran). However spare us the sanctimonious "as a Jew" routine, which Loewenstein, Brull and others like you use with monotonous regularity.
I could convert to Islam in about five seconds if I wanted, and then run around saying "as a Muslim…" however it wouldn’t be especially credible.
*This comment has been edited

michaelbrull 31/03/09 11:35AM
Actually, some of what DanLew says is quite right. I did accidentally write on my blog Edward instead of Marcus. When I realised my mistake, I corrected it, and wrote that I was a little embarassed by it.
Of course, Marcus’s name has been well covered in the press, so no one needs particular acquaintance with the Jewish community to know his. I personally dislike the constant media attacks on him, and do not claim to be an authority on his legal difficulties, which I do not enjoy reading or hearing about. As it happens, I have some acquaintance with Marcus’s son, Edward, and so I felt quite silly about my mixup. Though also irrelevant, I was also taught by one of Marcus’s ex wives in year 3 (and there are other sort of family connections, though I would not want them to be held responsible for my views, nor should I wish in any way to draw Edward into this).
That about exhausts the true things Danlew said. That aside, I didn’t know if anyone saw my mistake, no one pointed it out to me, and if anyone laughed about it, I was unaware of it. Going to the link, I’m happy to see someone apparently regularly reads my blog. I did not, however, take the link down - I corrected it, as I’ve just said. The person who says I’m an idiot ignores that I read the same issue of the Jewish News they did and commented on it too. Furthermore, it’s a little ironic that Mendes says comparisons to Nazis are anti-Semitic, but this fellow - presumably in defence of Mendes, refers to Antony Loewenstein as Obersturmbanf├╝hrer. I should not wish to suggest this fellow is anti-Semitic. Just quite vicious and spiteful, and not taken to getting distracted by any of the issues being discussed.

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