20 June 2014


History shows that the establishment of zionist Israel was initiated and pushed by christians in the British parliament in the middle of the 19th century because they saw it as a way to rid Britain of the hated Jewish community.

Anti-semitism was - and still is - an issue in the communities which are of religious persuasions other than Jewish.

So it is no surprise that the latest incarnation of zionists running (ruining?) the current federal government are predominantly christian zionists who would be very pleased to see Israel supported under every circumstance and ignore the indigenous population of Palestine as if it doesn't, didn't and will never exist!

Supporting the well-being of the theocratic zionist state helps to ensure the continuation of the state that has as one of its founding laws the "law of return" which allows entry to Israel of Jews from any country around the world.

This means that if Australian zionist governments support Israel it may help to get as many Jews in Australia to go and settle in Israel.

There are somewhere between 100,000 and 120,000 Jews in Australia and they are not all zionists, so it really is a tall ask to think they will be able to get rid of all of us, but they are certainly trying (in more ways than one!) to achieve the impossible.

The current federal government no longer recognises the fact that Israel runs an apartheid state and is persecuting the original inhabitants of Palestine whose land they continue to colonise more and more. In the eyes of Australian zionist politicians "their Israel, right or wrong" have a god-given right to the unholy land!

All one can say is "OI VEY!!!"


In 1992 Paul Keating was Australian prime minister - the Australian Labor Party had been in government for 9 years and Keating had recently ousted Bob Hawke as prime minister.

Keating was concerned about the numbers of refugees seeking asylum in Australia and decided to do the unthinkable - he established the first concentration camps to lock up people fleeing from just such scenarios.

This was the beginning of "man's inhumanity to man" on a scale not seen in Australia since the white British settlers landed in 1788 and started the massacre of the indigenous population of Australia to such an extent that today they represent but about 4.5 per cent of the population.

Were the original inhabitants of Australia such a threat to the newly arriving white men and women from the European shores?

Is this how governments in Australia have seen successive waves of asylum seekers fleeing in terror from their countries of origin as threats to their white anglo hegemonies?

The numbers trying to enter Australia have been tiny in relation to refugee problems around the world and part of the problem has been that some of the refugee situations have been created by successive Australian governments having indulged in war exercises in some of the host countries.

When are Australians going to realise that asylum seekers are not terrorists, are not threats to the "native" populations, and there is a much greater likelihood of home-grown terror than from people fleeing terror in their countries of origin?

Those of us who are not part of the indigenous communities in Australia are all "boat people" of one sort or another and our forebears were responsible for robbing ownership of the country from those to whom it originally belonged. 

This petition which I started so long ago is even more relevant than it was then, and I urge you to sign it as urgently as Peter Short's petition on euthanasia which is also on this blog.

Stop Australian Incarceration of Asylum Seekers


    Target: Australians and International communities
    Sponsored by: Mannie De Saxe, Lesbian and Gay Solidarity, Melbourne

Australia is trying to negotiate an off-shore solution to Asylum Seekers coming to Australia in boats which are not seaworthy, and which have already been responsible for many drownings offshore. The latest attempt is the so-called Malaysian solution involving Australia sending 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in exchange for 2000 refugees in Malaysia.
Both the Australian Government and its parliamentary Opposition are demonising people fleeing desperate situations in their countries of origin, mainly because of Australian military intervention in those countries.

The total numbers of asylum seekers trying to enter Australia is a miniscule number in terms of refugees and asylum seekers around the world, and most of the people in Australia illegally have arrived by plane!

Australia is signatory to United Nations conventions on refugees but is ignoring these UN documents in its political attempts to stop the demonised "boat people" ever setting foot in Australia.

Help to obtain justice for Asylum Seekers in desperate situations.

The situation has worsened with the federal government reopening the concentration camps on Nauru and Manus Island.

Get the government to close these camps now.

16 June 2014


The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 1993 Edition defines Denier: A person Who Denies.

After the Second World War of 1939-1945 (WW II)a new industry was spawned and a new word came into the English language.

Hitler's holocaust attack on world Jewry in which he was responsible for the deaths of around 6 million Jews was denied after WW II by the Nazi supporters around the world.

The words used to describe these people were "Holocaust Deniers".

To this day in 2014 there are still thousands who believe that the massacre of the Jews never happened.

However denying something has happened has created "denier" industries in other issues, one having been current in South Africa when Thabo Mbeki became president after Nelson Mandela retired from the position after one term in office.

Mbeki denied that AIDS came from HIV and for the years of his presidency and the incumbency of a health minister whose theories included cures for AIDS with garlic and beetroot, thus being responsible for one of the most devastating health crises in South Africa's long history.

A turnaround only occurred when Mbeki and his government were challenged in the courts by South African AIDS activists, leading to reductions in infection and mortality rates in that country. The situation is still critical, but at least is not quite as out of hand as it became in the Mbeki years.

There are no doubt other "denier" issues around the world, but the latest and possibly one of the most critical for life on this planet as we know it in 2014 is global warming and climate change denial.

Global warming has become a dirty set of words for many in Australia, including in political circles such as the current federal government.

Thus we have seen the Australian prime minister making a yet further public exhibition of himself on the world stage in his utterances about climate change and global warming.

15 June 2014


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) issue is one that will come back to haunt Australia and Australians who so far have shown an apathy in relation to this urgent matter which is breathtaking in its ignorance.

When one contemplates the Australian prime minister travelling to "enter" the world stage and when in a certain North American country he calls that country Canadia, and later crosses the border to the currently most powerful country in the world and denies climate change and all the disasters coming with it, we have to understand, with horror, the implications of this "head of government" being in charge of  Australia being ruled by the US government's TPP proponents, we are in for  a rough ride.

We have a great deal of information gathered on our web pages and you can read it in 5 parts starting at:

Trans-Pacific Partnership Part 1

Many thanks to the SUM OF US group for their actions and update.

Almost two weeks ago we took the fight against the Trans Pacific-Partnership (TPP) right to the doorstep of our democratic representatives in Canberra. We delivered a little less than 150,000 SumOfUs' members signatures calling for the TPP to be made public.

But not only were SumOfUs members and signers raising their voices against the secrecy of the trade deals. Other partner groups Avaaz and GetUp also brought members’ signatures totalling a staggering 1.8 million Australians demanding that the TPP be made public. The press and those present also heard from industries which will be negatively affected by the trade deals, MPs who oppose the TPP and members of communities whose rights are under attack as a result of these.

The need to open democracy has never been more urgent. The little we know about the TPP is dangerous enough:
  • It will give corporations the power to sue governments for diminishing their profits in a secret court known as the Investor State Dispute Settlement.
  • Longer patent allowances which will increase the price of generic pharmaceuticals.
  • A systematic erosion of worker’s rights and human rights as corporations gain more power to exploit people and resources unregulated and unchecked by democratic governments.
  • Limiting internet and journalistic freedom, which will diminish our ability to stop corporations from abusing power.
In short, the TPP is the handover of our democracies to corporations and their unstoppable pursuit of profit, at the expense of people.

If the details of the trade talks are made public, we will be able to keep fighting to make sure corporate power is out of our democracies with the determination of our members at the forefront.
Thank you for standing against the secrecy of the TPP.

Thank you for all that you do,

Paul, Hannah, Ledys and the rest of us at SumOfUs.

08 June 2014


The latest threat to net neutrality comes from "The Land of The Free!!" courtesy of Barack Obama - the same man who said when he was running for election as US president in 2007 and 2008 that one of the first things he would do as president of the USA was to close Guantanamo Bay.

We are still waiting.

And he was going to support whistleblowers - and whatever happened to Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, John Kiriakou and all the others.

Don't hold your breath!

Last Week Tonight - With John Oliver:


07 June 2014


Palestine - the great taboo in Australian politics.

Is there a parliamentarian in the federal parliament - and probably in most state and territory parliaments - who is not a zionist?

Even the Greens, who, at some stages in their short careers in Australian parliaments have been "supporters" of the Palestinians, are these days hedging their bets, shamefully!

Now we have a current federal parliament government minister showing his ignorance about the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem!

It is a fact that Israel occupies the whole of Palestine, which is controlled by the Israelis as a giant concentration camp, aided and abetted by their US and other allies around the world, who are too afraid of losing Jewish support money in their own countries to think of changing their allegiances.

Israeli apartheid is worse than South African apartheid, and the only way a chink has managed to appear in Israel's armoury is by way of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement which, after years of getting nowhere, has at last started making inroads into the Israeli government consciousness.

Since Israel became an occupying state in 1948 it has continued to make the lives of Palestinians worse and worse in each successive year, and the stage has now been reached where there is no possibility of a viable separate Palestinian state ever being possible.

Where are the politicians - both here and around the world - with the guts and courage to stand up to their governments and to the Jewish/Israel lobbies within their communities, and demand that Palestinians be recognised as equal citizens of a combined Israel-Palestine territory?

Oh - of course! the answer came in a flash of lightning!

The Israel-Palestine affair continues to cause the Western World and their allies to keep fighting wars in support of Israel, and the armament manufacturers would be devastated if there was peace in the Middle East.

So, to make sure that never happens, everybody must go on supporting Israel and condemning the Palestinians to life in their concentration camp.

04 June 2014


Peter Short has started a petition to the Australian Prime Minister in order to urge him to consider changing laws to enable voluntary euthanasia in Australia.

Here is his petition and links to his blog and my euthanasia web pages:

Hello supporters of my Petition around Medically assisted Death for Terminally ill people. I just want to share with you there will be more press and TV of this issue coming. I also have some political interest. My real challenge is moving the signatures on this petition to something significant in number, i.e. research say 80% of Australians support it. Your signatures are fantastic , could I ask you to think about a way to get this thought about and signed up at a viral level. Doing all I can as one person ,who believes in this passionately and needs everyones help to change their future. Thanks in anticipation, currently approaching 900 but target is 100,000 by end June



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