05 November 2010


What a lethal combination! Jews, Homophobia, Blogs! and all one has to do is search the blogosphere to get a surfeit of all!

I have a blog and seldom get any postings as comments from anyone, so I am singularly free of those who invade other blogs and anonymously become abusive. It wouldn't be so bad if so many of them didn't remain anonymous, but it seems to me to be an act of cowardice that those who dislike who you are or what you have said or both remain closeted.

Someone who knows nothing about me made nasty comments on a blog which is not mine, but who seems to know about my blog and my politics, but they didn't write to me, and attacked me anonymously on another blog to which I wouldn't make any contributions except in exceptional circumstances. Being attacked anonymously is not one of them!

On this strange blog which seems to attract Jewish religious fanatics there is one contributor who starts her postings with b'h or something similar. Now I am fairly ignorant when it comes to issues relating to Judaism - I was never a fanatic while growing up in a Jewish household - but as far as I have been aware since living in Australia for over 30 years is that b'h was an abbreviation of that religion which had a large white temple somewhere between Mona Vale and the Northern beaches in Sydney and known as the Ba'Hai religion, one of those groups which remain on the persecuted list in Iran, together with so many others, such as gay, lesbian, transgender people.

What becomes interesting in all of this is that those who were murdered in Hitler and Stalin's Europe and Asia in the 20th century are now themselves oppressors of gay, lesbian, transgender people in Australia and are as intolerant of diversity as were those dictators who are remembered by Jews around the world in the 21st century.

Did you know that apart from b'h there is also something called G-d, which is equally bizarre in this day and age! What does it mean and what is its significance?

Homophobia is responsible for the abuse of gay, lesbian, transgender, and HIV-AIDS members of our communities to the extent that some are driven to suicide, some are bashed and murdered and some are abused and emotionally damaged so that they are unable to function properly on a day-to-day basis.

Is this what Jews in Australia, and more specifically Jews in Melbourne are busy propagating? Those whom Hitler destroyed for being Jewish are now doing the same to people because they are part of sexual minority groups.

What short memories these so-called religious right-wing fanatics have! They should be ashamed!

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