03 December 2010


A recently published book:

The Invention of the Jewish People by Shlomo Sand, (translated by Yael Lotan) published by Verso 2010

should be read by those who call themselves Jewish - and those to whom Jews and Judaism are enigmas - or worse!

It should also be read by those Melbourne Jews who subscribe to the theory that "god wrote in the bible (or wrote the bible - which is even worse!) and therefore it must be so" and who start their blogs or posts with symbols such as b'h which presumably indicates that they are actually of the baha'i faith and therefore not Jewish at all.

An analysis of these Melbourne Jews indicates a level of homophobia matched by the cristian fundamentalists in the USA and the muslim fundamentalists in countries such as Iran and many muslim countries in Africa such as Somalia, Egypt and others too numerous to mention, to say nothing of the homophobic murders in Israel (the only demockery in the middle east - ha ha ha!!!) of young gay and lesbian activists in Tel Aviv not so long ago.

Melbourne Jews who quote the holocaust quicker than you could drop a pin in order to whine about Jewish persecution and murder, forgetting about all those others murdered by the nazis during the holocaust, such as homosexuals, Romanies, Poles, communists, intellectually and physically disabled people and other untermenschen too numerous to mention! go on to state they hate homosexuals and they should all be removed from the face of the earth!

Then we have some organisations which are called Jewish and are about as Jewish as the Pope (although if you looked into this nazi pope's antecedence it wouldn't surprise one to find Jewish connections). This means organisations such as the so-called "Jewish Community Council of Victoria" who are reputed to have set up a "reference group" to address issues relating to gay, lesbian, transgender and other members of our communities, but this "reference group" is such a secret that no one knows who its members are, when they meet, what they discuss, what conclusions they reach, and what policies they have in place to deal with the homophobic disease which flourishes in the murky depths of these deranged people and "organisations". In fact it is so secret that no one knows whether it actually exists at all!!

One of my colleagues in the blogosphere has written extensively about the effect homophobia, which is rampant amongst the bigots and racists amongst the Jewish peoples of Melbourne, has on young people finding out about their sexuality, needing support, not getting it and becoming depressed or ideation of suicide or actually suiciding.

Not one of the so-called leaders of these Melbourne Jews has the gumption to publicly state that homophobia must stop and the damage to the young - and old - Jews of Melbourne is actually harming the Jewish communities.

One can only conclude from all of this that hypocrisy is alive and well and prospering amongst those Jews who spend their lives perpetuating the memory of the death camps of Europe while creating a holocaust amongst young gay, lesbian, transgender and HIV-AIDS people in our communities.

Finally, Melbourne Jews should get hold of the latest copy of a US journal called "the Intelligence Report" - Winter 2010|Issue 140 - published by the Southern Poverty Law Centre - which has as its lead article the growth of homophobia and hate crimes against gay, lesbian and transgender people in the USA".

On its front cover it highlights the article:

Under Attack


The journal's web site is www.intelligencereport.org

Oh, and guess what?? The journal's editor is Mark Potok!

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