14 January 2011


Marrickville Council in Sydney's inner west has had the courage to do what so many other local, state and federal governments in Australia haven't the courage to do. They have joined the BDS campaign instituted a few years ago around the world to draw attention to the brutality of the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Many years ago Australia was not in the forefront of BDS against apartheid South Africa, a country which formed nuclear alliances with Israel which suited the military ambitions of both countries. Today, of course, it is Israel which is the apartheid state and the zionists cry foul when BDS is mentioned.

Fiona Byrne, Greens mayor of Marrickville was interviewed by the ABC on 13 January 2011, and the outcry of the blogging trolls which followed, and were posted below the transcripted interview sounded as if it had been orchestrated in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem!

Maybe it was, but the point is that the zionists are losing the public relations war as their excesses in the occupied territories mount and the evil apartheid racism that is zionism is taken to new depths by the Israeli religious right and other religious right supporters of other religions around the world.

Anti-semitism is the first outcry. The second is why pick on Israel for human rights violations when so many other countries are guilty of human rights violations. Funny how these hypocrites don't pick on the human rights violations going on under their noses in Australia.

Time for all these zionists and their Israel-loving supporters to read "The Invention of the Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand. an Israeli professor, to realise that most of these "Jews" are probably not of Jewish origin at all.

Congratulations to Fiona Byrne and the Marrickville Council to have the courage and be the forerunners and trend-setters for public BDS in Australia. Time for more of the unions to take principled stands over this human rights issue.

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