30 March 2012


We received the following letter after sending a donation to assist in the payment of Bradley Manning's defence.

We felt that the message should be spread as widely as possible in the hope that protests around the world will expose the United States and the Obama administration's brutality and illegal and illegitimate use of torture against its own citizens who are incarcerated unlawfully and in appalling conditions.

When you have read the letter click on to the link to the Bradley Manning Support Group and help in any way you are able to:

The letter:

"With your help, we've been able to cover over $125,000 of Bradley's legal defense expenses so far! And we're building an international grassroots campaign in parallel to the legal efforts now underway.

In December (2011), we organized 300 friends of Bradley's to march on Fort Meade, Maryland, during his pre-trial "Article 32" hearing - his first court appearance following 18 months of confinement. I was able to sit a few feet behind Bradley during most of the seven day hearing. He looked healthy, which was a relief in light of the torturous conditions inflicted upon him during his nine months at the US Marine Corps Base Brig at Quantico, Virginia.

Back in May 2011, we won much improved conditions for Bradley at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas because 600,000 individuals took the time to write letters and sign petitions, because thousands called the White House, because 300 top legal scholars decried Bradley's conditions as a clear violation of our Constitution's 5th and 8th Amendments. We won this battle because a hundred citizens engaged in civil disobedience at the White House and at Quantico.

Bradley is again back at Fort Leavenworth awaiting court martial at Fort Meade this spring or summer. As soon as the trial date is announced, we'll again move to organize nationwide events and rallies.

"Brad is aware of the fact that events are happening [to support him]... He has asked me to express how very thankful that he is for the support that he has received so far. Brad has also told me he looks forward to the day that he can express his gratitude in person to those that have rallied to his defense." - Bradley's attorney, David Coombs

Please check out


today to sign the new public statement if you have not already.


Jeff Paterson

Courage to Resist project director for the Bradley Manning Support Network


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