20 April 2012


Anyone, but anyone who writes criticising Israel is either anti-semitic or a left-wing Jew who doesn't understand the "Jewish" state of Israel and who doesn't "understand that the Palestinians want to annihilate the Israeli Jews and occupy the whole of Palestine - their own version of a one-state solution."

The apartheid state of Israel is still called a democracy by people who publish drivel in articles in The Age newspaper, but somehow they see themselves as living in the comfort of the Australian apartheid state while saying that Israel suffers from attacks by Palestinian rockets and Ahmedinadjad wanting to annihilate the whole of Israel and wipe it off the map.

Realists have understood for some time that a two-state solution is long past considering because right-wing reactionary religious bigots who control the Israeli government and who enforce more and more religious fanatics - mostly from the USA - coming to Israel and having illegal settlements built for them in the Occupied West Bank - now occupy so much that there is no longer room for a Palestinian state.

Gunter Grass has committed the unspeakable crime of writing a poem critical of Israel and then expecting to be given a visa to enter Israel on a visit. He is now the biggest anti-semite in the world coming from his Nazi past and daring to make utterances critical of that poor, pathetic, defenceless country whose crimes against the people whose country they occupy is unspeakably brutal.

At least in apartheid South Africa there were no high concrete "Berlin Walls" enclosing the Bantustans. The fact that they entrenched apartheid - "separate but equal" - according to Dr Verwoerd and the rest of the gang - was another issue illustrating human rights abuses of the worst kind, but of course it is not like that in Israel and the occupied territories and Gaza.

I am not sure why newspapers such as The Age allow such bigoted rubbish to fill their pages but I suppose they are trying to bolster sales at a time of newspaper crises and if anything helps it is worth trying.

However those whose minds closed with the Holocaust indelibly imprinted on their minds to the exclusion of anything else 70 years after the worst genocide of the 20th century quietly forget about all the other genocides such as Stalin and his purges during which the numbers of Jews who were killed rivals the numbers Hitler managed to annihilate, but were lost in the other murders that regime was guilty of. Also the Turkish, Cambodian and the more recent genocides in the dismantled states of Yugoslavia are pushed into the background because only the Jewish Holocaust must be remembered at all costs because the Jews have been persecuted since the dawn of Christianity.

Oh, and don't forget that abomination known as Boycott, Divestment ans Sanctions (BDS) - and that poor stricken chocolate shop chain in Australia!

But we still live in countries run by so-called Christians and don't flee to Israel. Strange, isn't it???

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