23 May 2012


Tony Abbott is desperate to become prime minister of Australia. He is prepared to stoop to whatever depths he is able to in order to achieve his life's ambition.

Should this ever occur, "CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY", and never forget that George Pell is Abbott's mentor!

Let's start with the media. Here is a situation of one of the worst beat-ups this country has ever seen, and the people responsible are the Murdoch media, Fairfax media, ABC television and many smaller parts of the media that still survive in Australia.

We are censored so that we only get what the media want us to get, and the rest we have to get from independent and overseas media outlets.

What have we in Parliament? Where to start?

Heffernan the perennial homophobe who learns nothing from the past, Pyne, well, methinks he doth protest too much!! - others in the Coalition who support what Abbott is doing, in both houses of parliament, who will regret too one day in the future if Abbott succeeds and also when many hidden issue are exposed, the governing party which could also expose more but seem unwilling to do so!

The disgraceful behaviour in the parliament where one man's reputation is being dragged through the gutter because another is so desperate for power, and his own supporters whose ongoing conduct shows they care nothing for the well-being of the people of this country who watch this soap-opera unfold on a daily basis and wonder what it is all about. The man who would be prime minister is never, ever, seen as someone who could lead this country - he has no vision, he negates everything, he has no policies, he makes himself be seen in the most ridiculous places, doing the most ridiculous things to show he is a "man of the people" - well, if ever there was a load of crap and bullshit, this is it!! - and people are ready to vote for him???

All because Gillard won government when Abbott had decided he was going to win and he is now desperate and beside himself.

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