17 August 2012


Somehow my maths may be at fault, because according to my calculations, with 18 AFL teams now registered, it seems to me that there are probably about 700 to 800 players around Australia plus probably at least another 200 administrators, coaches and ancilliary staff.

So, according to this figure, there is not one homosexual involved with AFL in Australia?

This is impossible, because statistically, there must be at least one gay man in the whole organisation. And what about players? Out of approximately 800, not one is gay?

The following photo appeared in The Sunday Age on 12 August 2012:

In the 15 August 2012 edition of MCV, Melbourne Community Voice, Issue #606, an article by Michael Magnusson was published.

The article was headed "

Milne fined for homophobia"

. Here is the article as it appeared online with a different heading from the print edition:

AFL star fined for gay slur

By Michael Magnusson

St. Kilda forward Stephen Milne has been fined $3000 by his club following
an AFL investigation which concluded he made homophobic comments on-field
earlier this month.

The Age newspaper reported that during the match on August 4 Milne was
heard by umpire Dean Margetts to call Collingwood player Harry O’Brien a
“f------ homo c---”.

Milne’s on field comment was not audible on television coverage but
microphones picked up Margetts saying: “OK, OK, enough of the language.”

Margetts awarded a 50m penalty to Collingwood, saying, “That language is

Margetts filed a complaint following the match and AFL integrity officer
Brett Clothier investigated the incident and found the Milne had breached
the players’ code of conduct and the AFL discrimination and vilification

St Kilda Football Club issued a statement saying Milne would be fined and
be “required to undertake an AFL education program to address the
inappropriate nature of his comments”.

The statement also said Milne apologised for his comments and any offence

AFL Operations Manager, Adrian Anderson, supported St. Kilda’s response to
the incident.

“It is simply not acceptable, even in the heat of battle, for AFL players
to use homophobic insults on the football field,” Anderson said.

“The St Kilda Football Club is to be commended for taking this action and
sending a strong message that homophobic comments are unacceptable.”

It is not the first time Milne has used homophobic language during a match.
In 2010 he was also fined $3000 for an anti-gay comment made to a
Collingwood assistant coach.

Now here is something else for you to look at and try:

Into a search engine put the words "Milne fined for homophobia" and dozens of entries are given, not one being a link to the gay paper from which the article above is copied.

If that doesn't tell you something about search engines and homophobic reporting, nothing else will!!

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