07 March 2013


For those of us who aren't "geeks" or whatever words are used these days for "tech-heads", Windows 8 is virtually unusable!

Maybe Windows 8 has been designed for use only on notebooks and laptops, but it doesn't remotely become usable for those of us who use desktop PCs and are used to Windows XP.

Because I was in such a hurry to accept the offer of a very much reduced purchase price of Windows 8 so soon after buying the new computer which came with Windows 7 installed, I am not in a position to comment on Windows 7 because Windows 8 does not allow one to revert to Windows 7.

Fortunately my old computer is still functioning and has Windows XP installed so when I am in trouble with the new computer I can revert to the old one.

One of the biggest problems with Windows 8 is that, if by accident, you are trying to access one of your documents and somehow you get onto a picture programme or something similar, when you try and get back to your normal documents it becomes virtually impossible.

Then if you close down the computer and restart it, you are confronted with Windows 8 start pages and the carefully installed Win8Startup programme which has been designed to allow some form of Windows 7 or Windows XP start and shut down system of the sort one has been used to operating, you find the button has disappeared and has to be re-installed!

I have had to do this so often that I have decided to obtain a Windows XP package and install it on the new computer. Maybe I will then be able to operate my computer as before!

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