12 April 2013


When Independent Australia started out, it was refreshingly different. Investigative journalism seemed back on the agenda, and exposures relating to the HSU, Kathy Jackson, Ashby, Slipper and all the goings-on seemed to promise more of the same.

Latest postings indicate a subtle injection of anti-semitism from people quoting the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and I am disgusted such postings were allowed by the moderators of the site.

As someone who is Jewish and has lived through some of the worst excesses of apartheid South Africa and to see that Israel has refined and extended the meaning and significance of apartheid in maintaining one of the world's biggest concentration camps is to abhor that which is done in the name of being a "Jewish State" and the only "democracy" in the middle east.

Israel is a country which has received unwavering support from most - if not all - of Australia's prime ministers and governments since at least 1980, and this zionism shows no signs of abating, both Gillard and Abbott showing how much they love that country. Considering how small is the Jewish vote in Australia, one has to wonder whether this "unqualified " support has more to do with financial issues than political ones, but it is repulsive nevertheless.

And then "independent" media online get themselves bogged down with rants about Jews and zionists controlling the world - the "Protocols" world conspiracy to control the USA, the banks, the world's finances, and many other things besides, leaves one despairing of where our freedoms lie.

Lie may be the operative work here, because so many lies are told about Jewish and zionist world control without proper analyses of the policies and politics of what is actually happening in all the countries involved and the numbers of Jews involved in all of these "conspiracies" and no one comes up with the understanding that there are more christian zionists than there are Jewish ones.

It really is disgusting and it goes on and on!

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