03 June 2013


Sport is the main religion in Victoria and nowhere more so than in Melbourne, where the ground these people walk on is considered holier than ground which has been so-called sanctified.

Homo-eroticism is the hallmark of "footy" and yet not one AFL player has dared to expose himself to the homophobic world of hetero players and the AFL sport administrators.

There must be countless dozens of gay players but with people like Eddie McGuire making disparaging remarks about gay men there is no incentive for gay AFL players to show themselves.

Sexism in the daily life of Australia is self-evident at every turn of our existence and is mostly so obvious that it doesn't need too much to explain its manifestations in the world around us.

Racism, on the other hand, is inborn in our societies and nowhere more so than in the domineering, dominating aspects of white male sexist homophobic actions which at times breaks out in strange ways to the detriment of all involved.

Eddie McGuire's outburst, stupid as it was, hurtful as it was, racist as it was, was no isolated incident. We are finding out every day how racist Australia is, nowhere more so than in the police forces around the country.

Who are the most incarcerated people in the country's prisons? Whose incarceration rates have risen alarmingly since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (1987-1991) some many years ago with so many recommendations which have been totally ignored?

Is this an illustration of racism in Australian society? Of course it is and our police and justice systems encourage and support this inequity and injustice because in our growing unequal society the proportion of disadvantaged grows exponentially and the advantaged grow proportionally richer and more privileged.

Andrew Demitriou gave Eddie McGuire a slap across the wrist with an invisible feather and McGuire was left free to carry on all activities as before. So, racist, sexist, homophobic - no change in AFL culture, no change in societal culture and we all carry on as before.


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