24 January 2014


One of the major issues confronting all of us in every country of the world is the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership - TPP - scheme which the US government, through its president, Barack Obama, is trying to force on all of us.

If this scheme succeeds, the results will be disastrous for us in terms of those items of every-day life which many of us tend to take for granted.

Internet freedom, generic pharmaceuticals, political protests without arrests, media freedom - such as it is - and so much more such as whistle-blower protection - think Manning, Snowden, Assange and thousands of others - and we have just scraped the surface of what we will lose if Obama succeeds in Fast Track through the US Congress.

This is about to happen, and if it does, we will be in trouble.

In order to find out what TPP holds in store for you, look at some of what is on our web pages, and be afraid, be very afraid!:

Trans-Pacific Partnership - Part 1

Trans-Pacific Partnership - Part 2
Trans-Pacific Partnership - Part 3
Trans-Pacific Partnership - Part 4
Trans-Pacific Partnership - Part 5

We have posted some of the items on this blog as well.

Now try and find out what the Left in Australia is busy doing to get everybody aware of the trouble we are in, and what do you find? Very little if you look very hard!

John Passant has written something in Red Flag, the paper of Socialist Alternative.

Has this been followed up by any further discussion in that organization? It certainly doesn't seem like it and they have certainly not organised any street protests.

What about all the other Left groups? Not a word!

Where is the Left in Australia? Is there one and what is it doing?


Oh, I forgot! We are told they are getting massive rallies for same-sex marriage!

The only issue in town?

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