29 April 2014


Ever since Barack Obama became president of the United States of America he has set out to prove that Democrat presidents are as right-wing, reactionary, and determined to conquer those parts of the world not yet in the US sphere of influence as is possible. Where it doesn't seem possible, this president will utilise all the business power available to him to turn the world into United States satellite states as so many of them already are!

The original treaty which was supposed to be the be-all and end-all of all trade partnerships was the North America Free Trade Alliance (NAFTA)consisting of Mexico, the United States and Canada.

The results of NAFTA for these countries after about 20 years since inception has been loss of jobs, factory closures and organisations establishing themselves in countries outside the NAFTA areas.

Much more recently Obama and the US government tried to push through items such as SOPA, PIPA and others of their ilk in order to control what you can access on the web and to stop downloading of films and music clips around the world.

Organisations across the USA opposed to SOPA and PIPA collaborated in one of the most successful online actions yet seen around the world and organised a web blackout on 18 January 2013.

Because of its success the Obama administration and allies designed a new series of actions which they tried to fast-track through Congress - so far unsuccessfully - of a trade group called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This is in addition to NAFTA and a trans-Atlantic free trade zone incorporating Europe.

Despite attempts in Australia to wake up activist and left organisations to demonstrate, write about, collaborate and influence the public as to the dangers of TPP, nothing has happened.

In the mean time, Congress in the USA is busy pushing through a bill which is about to remove net neutrality so that we will all be censored and pay more for internet service provisions if our service providers don't accept what the big multi-national organisations wish to control.

It really is time that the locals found out what is going on and understood what threats there are to what is left of our so-called democratic rights.

See these web pages:

Trans-Pacific Partnership

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