23 May 2014


If you think that Australians - most of us who are not in the "millionaire" class - are being lied to about the budget and what previous governments have done to ruin the income of the government to be able to fund everything that governments are usually responsible for - think again!

It is not so much that we are being lied to so much as we are not being told the truth about anything. This and previous governments since 1992 have always had enough money for all the organisations and everything else that governments are supposed to be responsible for to run the country.

However, everything is now being sold off and privatised so that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the gap widens. Obviously we don't need local workers any more - everything can be outsourced to countries where wages are a fraction of Australia's, taxes are not levied in the same way, and/or corruption flourishes - and who says there is no corruption in Australia?

But think about two organisations which, on their own, would fill the government's coffers over and over and over again until they would be overflowing.

What are these two organisations?

Well the most obvious one is religion. Religions have tax exemption and are probably worth more than all government assets put together.

The other obvious one is the concentration camps in foreign countries, set up by the Australian government and run by private companies who run them for huge profits and the more people incarcerated, the richer these companies get.

But the government has to pay for these concentration camps in foreign countries by paying those governments money for occupying some of their territory and incarcerating our legitimate asylum seekers who should be inside Australia and being part of Australian life.

Closing the concentration camps and bringing all asylum seekers into Australia would save the government billions, if not trillions of dollars making Australia even richer than it already is.

Taxing religions as all other organisations are taxed - properties and other holdings - and Australia would become twice as rich as if it only closed the concentration camps.

Paul Keating started the rot in 1992 and every government since has compounded it.

Australia is rotten to the core and corrupt into the bargain - in fact it is no bargain!

And all the so-called justification for levying new taxes on those who can least afford it is corruption of the worst sort. Australia is not only emulating the Tea Party, it is becoming the Tea Party!

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