24 October 2014


When I left South Africa and came to Australia in 1978, I knew I was leaving behind one of the most repressive and reactionary states one could be living in and hoped I would be going to one which had become liberalised over time and had less restrictive policies applied to its citizens. It was a police state and had a murderous government which was out of control.

How naive can one be?

That was then - 1978 - this is now - 2014 - and what do we have? The indigenous people of Australia are treated worse than South Africa's indigenous populations in 300 years of white occupation and laws regulating them in the parts of the country where they should be living with land rights and able to build societies for themselves where they have education, health, employment, hosing and other aspects of modern societies are denied them and their rates of incarceration and deaths in custody are worse than South Africa in any period of white domination.

The vast majority of Australians are racist, sexist, homophobic, reactionary, bigoted, ignorant about the indigenous peoples living - largely hidden from view and denied basic human rights which are considered the norm in such affluent societies as this - and incarcerated with the brutality of police states.

Australian treatment of asylum seekers by both major parties in the federal parliament is human rights abuse writ large and is based to a certain extent on racist values - them and us! Imagine fleeing in terror from your country of origin because of horrors being perpetrated in them with wars being nurtured by the United States of America and those countries supporting this most powerful country in the world - at the moment - and then, after exposing yourself and you family and friends to unspeakable suffering in your attempts to find asylum in a country where you will find safety and security, you end up in Manus or Nauru in concentration camps which are living hells and no better - and in some respects - worse than - where you fled from in the first instance! Ou tof the frying pan and into the furnace of hell might be an apt sort of description!

Now think of where it all started - the zionist movement and its fight for somewhere for Jews to be safe from anti-semitism after the appalling events of 19th and 20 century Europe, and you find the most anti-semitic of countries - the USA and the UK - working hard to establish and maintain a zionist homeland at the expense of the homeland of other peoples whose land it is, and they become the equivalent Jews of the 21st century to be ruthlessly oppressed and subjected to genocidal treatment by the zionists and the USA and allies. In the mean time, most Jews in the world live in other countries rather than in Israel! A complete irony!

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