13 March 2015


When I left South Africa in 1978 to escape from the apartheid regime and police state in which we were living at the time, I knew that there were many problems in Australia, knew that the Aborigines had been treated like 3rd class citizens since invasion day on 26 January 1788, knew that there were all sorts of problems making Australian society far from ideal.

What I didn't know was that in 2015 Australia would have turned the indigenous communities into non-people and the prime minister of the day would say that "these people live where they are because it is their life choice!".

Australia is a racist society which almost leaves apartheid South Africa in the shade. Even apartheid Israel is doing well on the racist stakes and is leaving other countries for dead - mainly the Palestinians - who hopefully will be able to fight back better than Australia's indigenous population because there are so many more Palestinians than there are Aboriginal Australians.

After Ferguson and New York and much else going on in the USA, and after all sorts of savage events around the world in every continent, one despairs of human beings every learning to live together in harmony. Greed, the need for power, to dominate others, to bully, treat with contempt, all sorts of other considerations relating to the human condition - bode ill for the future.

I will be long gone by then!

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