02 April 2015


Israel has had the bomb for many years. Together with South Africa they exploded a test bomb in the South Atlantic in the good old South African apartheid years.

Israel's nuclear capacity has always been a secret - no country or people are supposed to be aware of what is hidden in the depths of Israel in relation to nuclear capability.

As Israel is desperate to maintain control of the whole middle east region as the police guard for the USA and all the other colonial powers, it is supported without question by all the major powers such as the USA, UK, France, Germany and many others who all attempt to crush the Palestinians, any other "upstart" Arab states and those who believe they would like a few crumbs on their breakfast tables as well.

However, Iran has for some years been busy working on nuclear research and power generation and the Israelis have always feared they are working to develop the bomb because there has always been muttering from Iran's rulers that they intend to wipe Israel off the face of the earth!

Now there has almost been agreement reached between the USA and other countries that Iran has fulfilled most of the requirements of the nations which imposed sanctions because of inspection problems over the nuclear developments and the possibility of satisfactory inspections, and sanctions could be lifted soon.

Step in - fly in ointment Netanyahu - wailing like a banshee about Iran and its nuclear capabilities.

Any noise from the rest of the world? You've got to be kidding!! Media comment? Main stream media silence as ever!

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