31 May 2015


For many years the conspiracy theories have suggested  that many of the trolls who post on sites like newmatilda, crikey and others of similar political persuasion are actually Israeli government/Mossad/Shin Bet plants to try to discredit those who either support BDS, support the Palestinians, are anti-zionist or they are ALL anti-semites.

The question to be asked is if these vehement and nasty and repulsive individuals continue to be so upset by what the left-wing/right-wing/anti-zionist/anti-semitic Greens/all political parties and adherents and members say in their criticism of Israel and the zionists, WHY ARE THEY STILL LIVING IN AUSTRALIA????

The last few days have seen the Greens new leader putting both feet in his mouth with his possible ignorance of what is going on in Palestine. Someone has suggested that he check for information with Lee Rhiannon, but she let the team down a long time ago when she moved from the New South Wales parliament to the federal parliament and dumped her support for Palestine and the Palestinians.

As far as I am concerned, this is just not good enough. Most parliamentarians around the country are zionists, and as one does not need to be Jewish to be a zionist, most of the zionists in Australian parliaments are of course not Jewish.

In all of these discussions, the plight of Palestine and the Palestinians is forgotten and the crimes in Gaza committed by the Israelis over the last 50 and more years is forgotten and the Palestinians are the forgotten people.

I have seen it all before - in South Africa, in the UK, in Australia, in Palestine/Israel and of course the USA and Canada and many other countries around the world too numerous to mention.

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