12 July 2015


For the last 100 years many Australian Jews have left Australia to live and work in Palestine/Israel, and many Jews have gone from Australia to fight with Israel against the Palestinians.

These people have not had their citizenship taken from them and they have not been threatened with removal of their citizenship as they become mercenaries and fight in foreign lands against people who have nothing whatever to do with their own places of birth.

From the 1917 Balfour Declaration onwards when the British government illegally agreed to provide a territory for Jews to have their own homeland - in someone else's homeland, the zionist quest to fill Palestine with more and more Jews has grown exponentially.

At the end of World War II after Europe had effectively killed off more than 6 million Jews between Hitler, Stalin and all the other anti-semitic countries in Europe, the victorious allied governments realised the zionist dream and with the establishment of the  United Nations Organisation they "agreed" to a partition of Palestine for Palestinians and Jews, and in 1948 Israel was born.

It was never the intention of the newly established Israeli state to allow half of Palestine to be occupied by Palestinians who would continue to push for their own homeland in their own territory, and world zionism, led by the United States money-rich zionists who supported successive US political parties to support Israel made sure that Israel would continue to expand at the expense of Palestine and the Palestinians.

There are many more Christian zionists than Jewish ones and they too have an agenda - if Israel is supported by rich countries and keeps the law of return which allows Jews from any country in the world to come and live in Israel - to empty their countries of Jews and get them all residing in one country - a Jewish country.

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