28 April 2016


As I have said in previous postings, the AFL must have somewhere in the region of 800 to 1200 players and other attached personnel involved with all the teams around Australia.

It is impossible that there are no gay people involved with the sport.

Hollywood - yes, that Hollywood -  from its early days in the 1920s to the present day has remained homophobic and has gone to whatever it takes to stop public acknowledgement of gay and lesbian actors and ancilliary people around the place. No greater glaring example in Hollywood exists than the Rock Hudson story, but there are so many others. Rumour persists that if you are openly homosexual in Hollywood, well forget it, there is no future for you there.

However there are a few actors who have defied the threat and have been out and active in their support of anti-homophobia.

Back to AFL and where is even one token gay who is out in the public arena in any of the 17 or 18 team at present in the national game?

The AFL management have, for the last several years stated that they support the approach to anti-homophobia, but words speak louder than deeds and there is no change.

Let there be a gay team of AFL accepted in the code and then have the other teams make of it what they will. We will then see the whole problem out in the open!

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