30 July 2016


When white people set foot in Australia on 26 January 1788, the end game for the indigenous population began and as the time progressed, genocide proceeded apace and, although the end is in sight, Australian governments have some way to go to complete the job.

The difference between South African apartheid and Australian apartheid is the numbers involved with both countries' populations.

South African whites were always outnumbered by black populations but in Australia the genocidal activities of successive governments has assured that the indigenous population has been reduced to a fraction of all other population groups.

Fast forward to the 21st century and what do we have?

Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody - late 1980s

Federal Government Intervention in the Northern Territories - 2000 onwards - accepted by successive governments from the right and extreme right

Royal Commission into the incarceration practices of teenagers in the Northern Territory.

No progress - in fact moving backwards all the time - and why?

Ongoing genocide deliberately practised and supported by successive governments to ensure that human rights are denied the indigenous population of Australia. Follow the examples of the USA and Canada.

The programme that was put to air on the ABC programme on the night of Monday 24 July 2016 by 4 Corners with scenes of the incarceration and treatment of young teenagers in a notorious Northern Territory prison for juvenile offenders shocked Australians, many of whom have been aware for a long time about the mistreatment of Aboriginal people in our society, but has also shocked the world who are now able to see such horrors instantaneously due to modern technology -  and what will change after a new Royal Commission?

After the Deaths in Custody Royal Commission the incarceration rate of Aboriginal people incarcerated  has not only grown alarmingly but the deaths in custody have increased alarmingly.

One case that has not yet seen justice done was the frying to death of an Aboriginal in the back of a police van who was locked in the back of the van in 50 degree heat and not checked on a long drive from one place to another.

What was different about this death and one in South Africa in 1977 was that Steve Biko was beaten up and thrown into the back of a police van naked and driven from Port Elizabeth to Pretoria, a distance of some 800 km, so one froze to death the other fried to death.

Now we have the images of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo replicated in Australia in the  Northern Territory - with teenagers!

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