28 September 2016


There are other ways to vote in the US elections than for the two major parties. The main stream media (MSM) which is notoriously one-sided and corrupt NEVER EVER mentions that there are other parties to vote for than the Democrats and the Republicans.

As in Australia where there is seldom mention of independents and others in the MSM one could be forgiven for believing one had very little choice.

The reverse is the truth and if people would explore deeper than the media which serve us our daily dross they would find to their great joy that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are loathed in equal measure and there are people standing for election who are honest and who have progressive policies and who will not take them to war at the drop of an NRA or equivalent.

The tragedy of elections is that mostly people are just too tired or disgusted to bother with any research into candidates and the truth is that most people are too tired at the end of yet another depressing day to bother about loathsome politics and even more loathsome politicians.

In Victoria in Australia we are about to have local government elections thrust upon us in the next few weeks and the evidence is that the major parties are, yet again, putting forward dummy candidates to make sure they get the votes one way or another.

Well, I have news for them - people have for many years already seen through this ploy and already in the last few years results have shown that people will no longer just vote like dummies.

Let us hope that in October in Victoria, Australia, and in the more vital international poll in the USA, people will vote for other than the corrupt main parties and remember there are worthwhile alternatives!

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