21 October 2016


What is it about Australian politicians - do they really think that 24 million people living in this country are dumb?

People understand torture and abuse when they see it - or even when they don't see it - although we are not supposed to believe the reports that manage to get through the smokescreens and other subterfuges that governments use to hide the human rights abuses they are perpetrating behind closed doors.

So we don't know what went on in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Auschwitz, Gulags and other equivalent horror hot spots such as Gaza and the occupied West Bank of Palestine?

Despite their best attempts information manages to get out into the public arena and is seen and read by thousands if not millions of people around the world.

Even today, the New York Times, one of the most conservative papers around, has an article condemning Australia's treatment of asylum seekers in Manus and Nauru.

The Nauru cowboys get a free run to further torture asylum seekers who are not locked up in their cages all the time by harassing them and assaulting them at every given opportunity.

The main problem is that the public has been so apathetic about what governments are doing in Australia that there hasn't been a massive outcry with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, getting on to the streets and demonstrating their objection to this police-state-like activity on the part of government and opposition alike.

There are solutions available, but some politicians are cruel and enjoy their sadistic cruelty and insist that they know best what they are doing and everybody else is wrong.

One has to continue to believe that this will come to an end one day, as usually this sort of regime ends - think apartheid South Africa - and with ongoing pressure apartheid Australia, apartheid Israel and a few other apartheid states will come to an end.

Maybe some of the perpetrators will end up in international criminal justice tribunals and be forced to admit to their atrocities.

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