08 May 2017


This is a topic dear to the heart of nationalists everywhere.

Starting with a few examples from the past, some of the most notorious of the 20th century led the story for much of that time: Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Pol Pot, Mao tse tung, Verwoerd, Peron, Pinochet - there were so many, leaving out those from our so-called "democracies".

What is nationalism?

The Concise Oxford of 1990 defines nationalism as:

1a) a patriotic feeling, principles, etc.
1b) an extreme form of this; chauvinism.
2) a policy of national independence.

What is Australian nationalism?

1) clinging to daddy (1) nationalist UK
2) clinging to daddy (2) nationalist USA
2a) being passionately and devotedly and hero-worshippingly in love with the most racist apartheid most nationalist most undemocratic most "heroic"  state of all - zionist apartheid Israel.

3) involving itself in any old imperial war which pitches up, whether it is relevant to Australia or not

4) we shall decide who comes to this country and the circumstances of how they get here.

Multiculturalism? only on our monocultural terms!

Nationalsim in Australia means never having to say something which upsets local sensitivities.

Footy? ANZAC Day? - god's own items and don't ever forget it!

So here we have a foreign not-white not anglo not originally English speaking - not culturally "kosher" according to local definitions, and what she said on ANZAC Day has outraged the locals to the extent that they would like to have her thrown out of the country!

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

That is the name of the young person who had the temerity to state on ANZAC DAY:

Lest we forget (Nauru, Manus, Palestine) {she apologised and withdrew it after there was such an outcry you could hear it all the way from RSL to parliament and the ABC and our journalists whose indignation was enough for them to explode}

and she does work on the ABC and the RSL is furious and the government is furious and so many nationalist loving citizens are furious, and the list goes on and on.

She should not have apologised and she should not have withdrawn it - it was not illegal and did no harm to anyone.

Nationalism is beloved of those who believe we will only be strong as a nation if we stick to a certain dynamic. We must be white, Anglo, English-speaking, toe the party line, so long as it is right-wing and reactionary, we must be able to be as racist as we want to be, so long as these upstart foreigners understand that they can not  think they can say what they like and get away with it.

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