22 April 2018


The UK parliamentarians who love Israel for one reason only are the anti-semites in the Houses of Parliament at Westminster. It really is a bit rich for any UK parliamentarian to accuse Corbyn of anti-semitism when anti-semitism is in the DNA of most people in the UK dating back some few hundred years. Remember the play by Shakespeare called "The Merchant of Venice"?

A little later, chronologically, my ancestors who arrived in the UK  in places which were then called England and Scotland from central Europe, probably Germany and the Netherlands most of whom didn't like the Jews either, settled in the late 1700s and, after experiencing the anti-semitism of the day, changed their names from Ezekiel to Eskell and Isaacs/De Saxe. Lyons in Edinburgh must also have been something else in Germany. De Saxes and Eskells in 2018 are, around the world, mostly no longer Jewish and haven't been for almost the last 200 years. However, also most when they were/are Jewish did not go and live in zionist apartheid Israel.

One of my other families came from Lithuania, then under Russian rule in the late 1800s and settled in South Africa. They fled the pogroms in Lithuania, only to find ant-semitism in all its glory in South Africa. Many of them changed the spelling of their surname from Kuper to Cooper to enable them to obtain employment, which was more difficult with a very Jewish name and accent from Eastern Europe. Later some of them became zionists but did not go and live in apartheid Israel, having lived in white apartheid South Africa until its end in 1994.

Just  after the second world war I went to England as a pupil graduate engineer to work in Newcastle on Tyne for two years from 1950 to 1952. One weekend in about 1951 I was out walking with another graduate apprentice from Scotland, who didn't know I was Jewish, although I never hid it and it was generally no secret, and he said to me, "the trouble with Hitler was that he never finished the job." Of course I was left speechless and never spoke to him again. One of our fellow students told him later I was Jewish.

Jeremy Corbyn is a thorn in all their sides because he supports the Palestinians and their right to their own country and statehood, and not the dregs offered by apartheid zionist Israel and the rest of the world who have helped with, and connived at, the theft of Palestine from the Palestinians and since when the Palestinians are treated as people to do genocide against so that they would never trouble the world again. And the rest of the world supports them!

The problem in the UK at its basis is that having started in the late 19th century with a plan to get rid of the Jews from the whole UK by stating that Jerusalem is where the Jews belong and the whole area of Palestine was where the Jews came from, they had politicians even before Balfour conniving with the parliament of the day to support all those advocating for the Jews to have a homeland in Palestine. That is their homeland!! This tissue of lies from A to Z is proudly supported by the zionists in Israel  - who want the Jews to get out of whatever countries they are currently domiciled in to move to Israel to boost the falling numbers of Israelis because so many have emigrated to other countries, probably to get away from the violence perpetrated by the Israeli government and its supporters in the USA and around the world, who all want the Jews out of their countries and into Israel to have got them out of their hair.

Corbyn is a thorn in their sides of course for a multitude of reasons, one of which is his enormous appeal to younger voters in the UK who are sick of the conservatism and lies of the major political parties - including the bulk of the Labour Party parliamentarians who hate Corbyn because he is anti-zionist and for a multitude of other reasons. He brought a breath of fresh air into the Labour Party and parliament after years of Blair and his ultra-right-wing politics and policies and his aftermath which still clings in a foul way to the Labour Party.

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