26 February 2010


BOYCOTT,DIVESTMENT, SANCTIONS - BDS - there is an interesting trail connecting Caterpiller, the big US manufacturing conglomerate which sells bulldozers and other heavy earth-moving equipment to Israel to destroy Palestinans' homes and lives and create general destruction, and then Australia and all the way back to Israel.

Let's see how we can make sense of this line of thought and then end up with Rudd and Smith rebuking Israel for its use of forged Australian passports for Mossad's murder of a Hamas leader in Dubai.

Basically of course, Israel is not interested in anything any country says or threatens, as long as the United States of America backs it to the hilt without any criticism, and as long as the dollars continue to flow.

However, there is an indication that the tide is turning, and countries around the world, but specifically those whose citizens have had their passport identities stolen by the Israelis, have had enough of Israel getting away with murder as it has done for so long.

But back to the original thread.

Kerry Stokes, owner of Australia's commercial television station channel 7, has just bought an interest in the Caterpiller organisation.

Kerry Stokes recently met Stephen Conroy, federal minister for communications and internet censorship on a ski holiday. Senator Conroy, who says they did not talk about certain issues - of course - is part of the government of prime minister Kevin Rudd and deputy prime minister Julia Gillard, both zionists and Israel government lovers.

Now we have the interesting situation where Rudd has called in the Israeli ambassador over the Dubai murder and the use of forged Australian passports.

What do you think Israel's response will be to this pathetic gesture?

Quite right - laughing all the way back to Jerusalem!

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