12 February 2010


Ever had troubles with your broadband service supplied by your internet service provider and the fixed-wire phone system? Ever had trouble with a computer from one of the so-called most reputable computer firms around the world?

Ever tried to get any feedback from organisations when you have registered problems with them over their products?

Pacific Internet - Pacnet, Telstra and Hewlett Packard are all guilty as charged.

Since the beginning of 2010 we have been having trouble with our internet connections and with our new notebook computer, Hewlett Packard model HP Mini 110. We contacted the organisations involved and had the greatest difficulty getting responses and feedback.

Hewlett Packard have ignored us completely and we now feel that, however good their products may be, we will not be happy to buy any of their products again.

Pacific Internet - Pacnet - did spend some phone time trying to sort out the problems, but didn't really get down to the basics until they realised there may also have been a Telstra problem, and even then several days passed before there were some positive results.

It seems to us that there was some sudden movement when we phoned a new service provider to get quotations, and later on that same day we were on line again having been informed that the fault was Telstra's all the time, from the cable connection outside our house.

One can believe it or not, one way and another, but finally we believe that we have been let down by organisations which have become so large that they are no longer interested in their small customers who don't pay them a great deal of money.

However, word of mouth amongst one's friends and acquaintances goes a long way, and we will certainly not remain silent about the organisations which have ignored our problems. Hewlett Packard remains the main pariah in this sorry saga,and as our product is still under warranty for the next 9 months we will make as much use of this as possible!

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