07 March 2010


The following letter appeared in The Senior, Victoria, edition in March 2010. The contents of the letter illustrate the ongoing hypocrisy and homophobia of the federal government.

The item which has infuriated those of us affected by the federal government’s July 2009 changes to legislation, giving certain rights to lesbian, gay, transgender and HIV/AIDS (LGTH) members of the community who are in same-sex relationships, is highlighted in the letter below.

Macklin, McClelland, Ludwig, Bowen, Rudd, Ferguson and others wrote letters (or their underlings) in response to our requests for grandfathering or transitioning the changes so that the more vulnerable members of our communities, the aged, disabled, disadvantaged and those handicapped for many other reasons, would not suffer financial loss because the government was changing legislation to give same-sex relationships “equal” rights with heterosexual de facto relationships.

The requests were refused because, according to the Attorney-General, the legislative changes were broad-based and gave us equality which could not be fragmented.

Yet below is an example of just that for other pensioners.

What hypocrisy and homophobia!

I have highlighted the paragraph which is so insulting, and put it in italics to emphasise, yet again, the Rudd government’s insults and crumbs thrown at the LGTH communities.

And where is Senator Penny Wong in all this????????????????

Stimulus not so stimulating for some

I’m sure most taxpayers and pensioners were happy to receive their stimulus packages. I’m also sure that most people were wondering who would end up paying for it.

From September 20, 2009, all new superannuation and part disability pensioners lose at least $1000 every year. The new taper rate will be even worse for many, because you won’t get a health card or any payment.

Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin sent a statement to all who receive a part pension saying they would not be disadvantaged. A new transitional rate would protect existing pensioners who would otherwise have a reduction in their payment.

That’s fine for people with a permanent fixed income under the limit. But beware the fine print.

It is worst for couples when the working partner has a variable income. If in any one fortnight your combined income goes over $2771 you will be cut off and put onto the new $59,124 limit.

Beware of any bonuses or overtime. Your average annual income, and the six fortnightly reporting system is ignored.

For example, if you have superannuation of $30,000 per annum and your partner gets a short term job, as soon as they earn over $1617 per fortnight you will be cut off and put onto the new system.

Within six fortnights they must cut their income to below $1120 per fortnight or you will lose the health card and all the benefits.

P Werry, Narre Warren.

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