01 June 2010


The ABC continued its disgusting and revolting and totally one-sided bias over the last 24 hours with its coverage of the latest Israeli outrage on the Gaza-bound flotillas.

Who was interviewed, why they were interviewed, why others weren't interviewed - the person in charge of running the ABC needs to answer some questions - as too does the government which funds the ABC and SBS.

Israel has just perpetrated some war crimes which hopefully one day will be prosecuted at the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague. The pathetic Australian government and its equally pathetic opposition continue to offer unqualified support to this illegitimate regime which is perpetrating crimes against humanity even in excess of what apartheid South Africa managed, but the ABC interviews only Israeli-connected people who continue to lie blatantly and without fear of contradiction.

Whatever happened to journalists who tell it like it is and don't toady to their bosses? - the ABC is currently run by a person who was the editor-in-chief of Fairfax's Sydney Morning Herald - need one say more?

Newmatilda will disappear at the end of June 2010 unless some financial deal can be found to rescue them, and what will we be left with? Leftwrites disappeared several months ago and who still writes left and manages to reach a wide audience?

Blogs help but are not enough on their own - and in Australia what is left? Certainly with the ABC and SBS down the gurgler - not much.

The outrage over Israel should have been heard loud and clear by every media organisation in Australia - not forgetting the forged passport debacle so recently perpetrated by that rogue regime, and all we get is limp-wristed feather-tickling - how pathetic!!!

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