29 June 2010



Subject: Podcast
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 18:12:24 +1000
From: Addam Stobbs
CC: 'Robert Brierley'

Hi Mannie

Your interview on Allegro was brilliant, I have had a lot of feedback, you have a lot of fans an admirers (including me) it will be on the network next Thursday, the podcast will be online tonight and it will be on the Joy web pages for a few days as there is a bit a quick turn around for Idaho stuff, but available on Allegro pages and ITunes for a long time.

The podcast has all music edited out, and all station and announcements breaks (I have to leave in the wear it with pride project at the start).

As is consistent with all Allegro podcast I have resample it at a lower bit-rate (20,050) and converted it to mono so it’s a lot easier for download, (18MB) however the CD quality podcast is available if you want that, it’s about 80 MB.

Kind regards

We look forward to having you on air with on Allegro in the future.

X Addam Stobbs


We sent the following email on 16 June 2010 to Robert Brierley who was the producer of Addam Stobbs' show "Allegro Non Troppo":

Dear Robert,

On Wednesday night we received an email from Jo Harrison in Adelaide who had read online in Southern Star about the sudden death of Addam Stobbs.

We were shocked and horrified - after all he had just interviewed me on 9 May and had said some very complimentary things to me which I was flattered and embarrassed by! He made me sound like somebody different from how I had always perceived myself.

If our shock was great, we can't imagine how shocked all of you who were so closely involved with him must have been.

We extend our deepest sympathy to you all as well as to his family, partner, friends and colleagues who worked with him at Joy for so many years.

We hope you will all continue with the good work he was so passionate about and we wish you all well.

With our best regards,

Mannie De Saxe and Kendall Lovett

We posted this on MCV's article reporting the death of Addam Stobbs on Wednesday 16 June 2010:

I am still in a state of shock since being informed on Wednesday night by a friend in Adelaide that Addam had died suddenly.
He interviewed me on Allegro non troppo on May 9 and he said the most complimentary things about me, to my complete surprise.
My partner and I extend our deepest sympathy to Addam's partner, family, friends and all at Joy with whom he had been involved for so many years.
Mannie De Saxe

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