05 July 2010


Time to issue a report card on our latest prime minister. How different is she from previous prime ministers? Is her performance better? Are her policies different from her predecessors?

No - she is not different except in one major area for which she gets on her score-card 100 per cent - and that is for declaring she is an atheist!!!

On everything else she scores zero except one particular issue for which she is awarded minus 100 per cent - gay marriage!

So, feel free to assess her and award scores on her performance to date - her homophobia and hypocrisy are no different than those who came before!

Oh, and the latest on asylum seekers - Gillard gets minus 1,000,000 per cent!

She is a disgrace to the human race with regard to human rights - she doesn't know Arthur from Marthur!!!!

And the latest attempt to use East Timor to place a concentration camp there is an interesting take on John Howard's pacific solution. Hell hath no fury like a prime minster trying to ensure re-election by sinking to the worst aspects of racism in the Australian communities.

What is the difference between Gillard and Abbott?? There is no difference - they are both racists, homophobes, power-hungry politicians with no shame, no understanding of shame and no hope of redemption - Abbott does it in the name of cristianity and Gillard does it in the name of "desperate for re-election"!

Thursday 8 July 2010 and Gillard does the thinkable!!! She endorses Conroy's web censorship plans - "CHILD PORNOGRAPHY MUST BE STAMPED OUT" by Conroy and Gillard's censorship plans?? So, Gillard sinks even lower in the polls - score on censorship gets to minus 1,000 per cent and dropping!

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