11 June 2011


The cartoon illustrates how the mindset of Australians has been conditioned by the media and the shock-jocks of radio and television.

Why do these events remind one of apartheid South Africa with the "THEM" and "US" mentality so prevalent in our societies?

In Australia there are two sides of politics - ultra conservatism and super-ultra-conservatism.

The trouble is that it is difficult to tell which is which! Each side of this equation is trying to outdo the other with move and counter-move and people who are asylum seekers from countries in which this country's soldiers are losing their lives in losing political battles, while all politicians are spinning to the citizens of Australia that we must stay the course and finish the job.

What this means in real terms is that the longer Australians are in those countries the more people will have to flee from the horrors caused by Australia's presence there.

More and more letters are actually being published in some of the newspapers asking how it is that live cattle being sent to Indonesia are more worthy of our compassion than human beings fleeing terror and escaping however they can and risking the last threads of their lives to try and save them!

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