16 July 2011


A letter in The Age newspaper on 16 July 2011 was in response to a news item a day earlier showing a radiant Kevin Rudd sharing chocolate delights at a Melbourne Max Brenner with Michael Danby Federal Labor member for Israel (Port Melbourne), and others to show his support for the zionist oppression of the Palestinians in the occupied territories. The letter-writer gave his place of residence as East St Kilda (not Eretz Israel)

It is fascinating to discover how quickly zionists climb out of the woodwork to use rhetoric reminiscent of the worst excesses of a police state to condemn a demonstration against a Jewish/zionist chocolate shop in Melbourne in which it was the brutality of the Baillieu government's police force used to crush and arrest people involved in an anti Israeli apartheid state protest.

The violence and hate-filled invective and thug-like brutality was perpetrated by the police and not by the demonstrators.

As soon as the Israeli apartheid state is attacked by a BDS-supporting group of people, zionists in Melbourne jump up and down shrieking "Nazis"!!!!

Jews resident in East St Kilda (not Israel) in Melbourne should know better than this, but zionists haven't learn't too much over the years.

Antony Loewenstein, in his 16 July 2011 blog quotes from a recent Australian Jewish News editorial which states:

"As for the impact on Australian Jewry, the BDS troublemakers must surely understand the resonance of their boycotts, so painfully similar to the Nazi boycotts of Jewish shops in Germany and Austria at the onset of the Holocaust."

Now lets get this straight - Nazis murdered six million Jews in Europe between 1933 and 1945 (we will leave Stalin out of the discussion for the moment!) thus reducing the world's Jewish population by 1945 to 2/3 of the total before the Holocaust, that total having been about 18 million people. Currently in 2011 Jews in the world number about 13 million.

Jews ultimately establish a zionist state in Palestine which becomes Israel and which occupies another peoples' land, expelling thousands of them and then during subsequent wars, occupying more and more of their territory and then controlling every aspect of those peoples' lives. These people are called Palestinians.

The world at large supports Israel, mainly the United States of America which sees Israel as its middle east controller and policeman, but also many other countries in Europe and around the world.

This is where Australia comes into the picture.

Kevin Rudd and his ilk in the Australian Labor Party, and members of the Coalition, elected members to the Australian Federal Parliament, have been treated to trips to Israel, courtesy of the Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council, a zionist organisation one of whose primary aims is to keep up the propaganda in Australia about the wonderful country of Israel and to continue to foster trade relations which are probably booming with arms sales and other delectable goodies such as chocolate and other edibles. Oh, don't forget about Intel and Better Place and other shared technologies.

The next item is from a post on Antony Loewenstein's blog dated 3 February 2009:

re Australia's merchandise trade with Israel.

In 2007-08, Australia exported $254m worth of merchandise to Israel, and imported $685m of merchandise from Israel (a net deficit of $430m).

Top imports from Israel were (in 3-digit categories):

- pearls & gems: $122m (mostly diamonds? this is classic Australian global division of labour - export 'raw' diamonds, dig it up, ship it out, and import the value added stuff)

- fertilisers (presumably not the high quality Hasbara propaganda shit; that would be listed under services imports): $69m.

- telecom equipment: 67m.

Israel has also been trying to flog UAVs (for which Israel has a 'comparative advantage') to the Australian military. meaning unmanned aerial vehicles. this is the ideal reconnaissance/killing machine - don't put any of your own people in danger. They also demonstrate what a fucking brilliant technologically advanced country we are; the moral? don't mess with us.

So if Australians want to boycott Israeli products, the first port of call is diamond rings. But who amongst the cognoscenti buys diamond rings?

Now, how many of these hypocrites have been on unsponsored and non-Israeli permitted trips to Gaza and the West Bank to be able to report on Israel's atrocities related to its status as a pariah apartheid state.

Oh, I forgot - Palestinians and/or Arabs generally are considered to be untermenschen - ah - the Nazi analogy yet again!

Rudd is quoted in The Age of 15 July 2011as follows: "As an individual citizen - that is me, K.Rudd - I am here (at Max Brenner's in the Queen Victoria Building in Melbourne) because I object to the boycotting of Jewish businesses," he said. The final paragraph in the article stated: "Mr Rudd said the laws Israel passed were a matter for Israel, but Australia had historically supported a two-state solution to the conflict.

And, as the whole world knows, and more and more are acknowledging the reality, the two-state solution has been long dead in the water thanks to the Israeli government's land grabs in the occupied territories of the West Bank and the ongoing siege of the Gaza strip to crush the spirit of the 1 1/2 million people in that territory and starve them to death or drive them out. Israel's intention is to occupy the whole of Palestine and turn it into greater Israel.

Rudd is simply knowingly shutting himself off from the reality on the ground.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see!."

And, indubitably, Rudd did not pay for the day's entertainment - as an individual citizen!

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