16 June 2014


The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary 1993 Edition defines Denier: A person Who Denies.

After the Second World War of 1939-1945 (WW II)a new industry was spawned and a new word came into the English language.

Hitler's holocaust attack on world Jewry in which he was responsible for the deaths of around 6 million Jews was denied after WW II by the Nazi supporters around the world.

The words used to describe these people were "Holocaust Deniers".

To this day in 2014 there are still thousands who believe that the massacre of the Jews never happened.

However denying something has happened has created "denier" industries in other issues, one having been current in South Africa when Thabo Mbeki became president after Nelson Mandela retired from the position after one term in office.

Mbeki denied that AIDS came from HIV and for the years of his presidency and the incumbency of a health minister whose theories included cures for AIDS with garlic and beetroot, thus being responsible for one of the most devastating health crises in South Africa's long history.

A turnaround only occurred when Mbeki and his government were challenged in the courts by South African AIDS activists, leading to reductions in infection and mortality rates in that country. The situation is still critical, but at least is not quite as out of hand as it became in the Mbeki years.

There are no doubt other "denier" issues around the world, but the latest and possibly one of the most critical for life on this planet as we know it in 2014 is global warming and climate change denial.

Global warming has become a dirty set of words for many in Australia, including in political circles such as the current federal government.

Thus we have seen the Australian prime minister making a yet further public exhibition of himself on the world stage in his utterances about climate change and global warming.

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