07 June 2014


Palestine - the great taboo in Australian politics.

Is there a parliamentarian in the federal parliament - and probably in most state and territory parliaments - who is not a zionist?

Even the Greens, who, at some stages in their short careers in Australian parliaments have been "supporters" of the Palestinians, are these days hedging their bets, shamefully!

Now we have a current federal parliament government minister showing his ignorance about the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem!

It is a fact that Israel occupies the whole of Palestine, which is controlled by the Israelis as a giant concentration camp, aided and abetted by their US and other allies around the world, who are too afraid of losing Jewish support money in their own countries to think of changing their allegiances.

Israeli apartheid is worse than South African apartheid, and the only way a chink has managed to appear in Israel's armoury is by way of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement which, after years of getting nowhere, has at last started making inroads into the Israeli government consciousness.

Since Israel became an occupying state in 1948 it has continued to make the lives of Palestinians worse and worse in each successive year, and the stage has now been reached where there is no possibility of a viable separate Palestinian state ever being possible.

Where are the politicians - both here and around the world - with the guts and courage to stand up to their governments and to the Jewish/Israel lobbies within their communities, and demand that Palestinians be recognised as equal citizens of a combined Israel-Palestine territory?

Oh - of course! the answer came in a flash of lightning!

The Israel-Palestine affair continues to cause the Western World and their allies to keep fighting wars in support of Israel, and the armament manufacturers would be devastated if there was peace in the Middle East.

So, to make sure that never happens, everybody must go on supporting Israel and condemning the Palestinians to life in their concentration camp.

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