29 July 2014


For as many years as one can remember, successive Australian governments and politicians on both sides of the political "non-divide" have criticised the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)[or Commission as it was all those years ago] for being too left, too right, too biased, too ..........(fill in whatever words seem suitable) and have tried to reduce funding in the regular budgets and updates in order to bring the ABC to its knees.

So far no politicians have succeeded, but now, at last, at the end of JULY 2014, it seems as if Tony Abbott and his loyal band of morons may have done it at last.

ABC Classic FM has just been decimated, and it seems many other programmes are about to follow suit. Funding has been reduced and costs have to be cut and SBS is no doubt having similar operations as I type!

Is this the way this government is going in Australia - to ruin any pretensions of cultural icons which have lasted until now?

Having lived through the devastation of apartheid South Africa on the media for so many years, are we now going to witness apartheid Australia follow suit?

In the lod days in South Africa we used to use short-wave and tune in to the BBC and other overseas countries in order to find out what was happening in the outside world. It looks very much as if it is happening now in Australia.

There was recently a disaster when a plane was shot out of the sky over the Ukraine. 300 people were killed. In Gaza the Israelis have already killed over 1000 Palestinians and rising, but what do you get on the ABC? Constant bleating about the tragedy of the loss of 300 lives but not an awful lot about the tragedy of well over 1000 lives. Are any of all of these people more "guilty or innocent" than any others? What sort of distorted moralities do our politicians have, and are the citizens of this country so brainwashed that they are unable to do something about it all?

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