23 July 2014


Look at, watch, listen to, read - any mainstream media - and you could be forgiven for believing there is no such country as Palestine, and there are no such people as Palestinians.

There is a concentration camp - the largest the world has ever seen - and it is called Gaza and it is closely controlled by a police-state regime known as apartheid Israel - and the "terrorists" enclosed in this concentration camp - well over 1 million of them - are all Hamas "terrorists".

There is another concentration camp which is not so gradually being occupied by apartheid Israel, and this one used to be called the West Bank before it became Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory.

The zionists have taken over Palestine and control practically the whole of it, and they have been aided and abetted by the United States of America, the United Kingdom which started the rot in the 1850s or thereabouts, by the whole of Europe and, worst of all, by all the Arab countries in the region.

Zionists who live in these countries, not just those who are not Jewish, don't choose to go and live in the "land of their dreams" Israel, but choose to stay comfortably in their countries of residence, safe from bombs and terrorists of all shapes and sizes.


In our thousands, In our millions, We are all Palestinians


Melbourne: 1pm, Saturday 26 July, State Library

Sydney: 1pm, Sunday 27 July, Town Hall

Brisbane: 2pm, Saturday 26 July, King George Square

Adelaide: 12pm, Saturday 26 July, Parliament House

Perth: 11am, Saturday 26 July, Murray St. Mall


From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free

Time to put a few things into a proper perspective.

Nearly 300 people were killed on a passenger plane in a pure act of terrorism. The media coverage has been enormous and non-stop.

Over 600 Palestinians have been killed and the media coverage has blamed Hamas for the most part while condoning the apartheid zionists of Israel.

Sarah Ferguson of the ABC's television current affairs programme 7.30 interviewed a Hamas representative. Her interview was disgraceful in that she interrupted him all the time, didn't allow him to finish any statements, and harangued him about what Hamas is doing to Israel with its rockets. No David and Goliath in this interchange - would she have conducted a similar interview with one of the zionist apartheid regime's spokespeople? I don't think so!

John Kerry goes to Egypt to try and broker a cease-fire between Palestine and Israel - aka Hamas and zionist state.

Egypt has collaborated with the USA and apartheid Israel by keeping the borders of Gaza sealed, adding to the humanitarian crisis which is the largest concentration camp in the world.

It is time the world stopped their unqualified support for the terrorist apartheid zionist state and brought it to book and accountability for its crimes against humanity which are now too numerous to list!

We also have the inmates taking over the asylum - the USA supports Israel and Egypt and wants Egypt's assistance in trying to broker a "peace" between Palestine and Israel. Spare us the irony and tragedy of the endless circles of  non-achievement because neither Israel, nor Egypt, nor the USA want to achieve a lasting peace by creating a one-state democratic solution to the intractable war in Palestine started by the British government zionists in 1850 and perpetuated by all sides occupying Palestine since then.

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