14 October 2015


I unpacked my brand new acer computer 3 years after buying it (about 2 months ago) - I had bought another one at the same time but microsoft helped to reduce that one to an unusable state with windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 - and this new one still had windows 7 installed so I anticipated no troubles.

What one needs to remember at all times is that, according to our late friend Sister Mary Mary Quite Contrary, they should not be called computers because they are confusers which seems to be the case no matter what one might anticipate of hope for.

The brand new Acer with windows 7 had all my usual programmes loaded into it with all my documents, photos and emails and now does nothing but freeze all the time.

Still being naive after all these years of computer use I looked online for a solution to the freeze problem and found an organisation called Reimage. For $100 I could download a repair programme and for another $40 dollars I could use it on another 3 desk top computers. There was a 1800 phone number to contact and I was told they would talk me trhough the whole process.

Here I am a month later, having spent nearly $200 (including a long phone call which, it seems, I am having to pay for) and windows 7 is still freezing.

More and more I am grateful to Linux where I seem to have a minimum amount of problems.

More and more I am learning not to trust what is presented online as solutions. They simply aren't and cause more troubles than one already had.

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