14 October 2015


I bought two identical desk top computers three years ago. One was for my partner for his 90th birthday. He had a very old desk top with windows xp and it has very small memory and a fairly small hard disc and it was time to upgrade.

My desk top was not that old but as windows xp was coming to an end and these new ones had windows 7, it seemed a good time to upgrade.

When I bought the two desk tops I was told that windows 8 would be out in 3 months and for a special offer of $15 I would be able to upgrade to the latest Microsoft operating system.

Not having used windows 7 before and therefore knowing nothing about it, I thought I would bring myself up to date with the latest and install windows 8 as soon as it was available, and did just that.

Disaster struck from day one as I discovered that windows 8 was unusable. Fortunately there were still some windows xp laptops and desk tops still working in the house so I was not completely disabled. Looking on the web I found there were thousands around the world horrified by windows 8's disaster and it didn't take long for someone with knowledge to design a start button which could be easily downloaded and installed and give some measure of normality back to this ghastly operating system.

Windows 8 caused such an outcry that microsoft issued windows 8.1 which returned some sort of sanity for those of us who are not geniuses and are also geriatrics and needed something simpler and more rational than windows 8.

Then, Microsoft, wanting to make its next fortune, did an upgrade and produced windows 10, supposedly designed to simplify operation for those of us who needed something easy to follow.

As if windows 8 hadn't provided a host of problems, windows 10 came along and did some irreparable harm from which I am still trying to recover.

The first disaster was to affect my keyboard by swopping two keys around, one of those everybody uses to send emails the @ sign, and the other the double inverted comma sign ". Only by accident did this come to light.

The next disaster was to tell me - and my web upload programme is designed around them - that "access was denied" when I had to use notepad pages.

Thus endeth the FTP programme on the windows 10 desk top computer.

Microsoft told us we could uninstall windows 10 if we weren't happy with it and that is what I did. The outcome was I was back to windows 8.1 but the windows 10 disasters remained!

So as my partner hadn't used his new computer because of all the problems I had had, and because it was still packed in its box, I decided to unpack it and learn to use windows 7.

Mistake and disaster! The windows 7 computer has now decided it doesn't like something installed on it and it freezes all the time!

Thank goodness for my Linux laptop - none of these microsoft disasters. Never again!

I was too late to send an entry to Choice Magazine's 2015  Shonky Awards - an annual competition for people to submit companies which make claims for their products and which fail lamentably for many reasons.

If possible I will submit Microsoft windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 as my entry for the Shonkys. 


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