11 February 2016


Basically one could start with the premise that a death camp is designed to lock people up and systematically kill them, as the Nazis did in Auschwitz-Birkenau and other places. A concentration camp is where you lock people up indefinitely. They will either be let out one day or they won't.

Take Gaza and the West Bank as modern (?) examples. In order to get rid of the Palestinians - not by sending them to gas chambers but by keeping them in prison conditions and killing them off by provocation in small numbers at a time with the aim of total demoralisation so that they beg to leave of their own accord - presumably the theory is that eventually there will be less and less Palestinians and the Israelis can occupy Gaza and the West Bank totally and incorporate them in Israel and Palestine will be history.

Unfortunately for the Israelis the Palestinian population is increasing more rapidly than the killings so plan A is not working very well.

Also bit by bit the outside world is starting to wake up to the criminalities of the state of Israel, and at last there are more and more protests around the world.

Take Manus and Nauru. Lock up asylum seekers and throw away the keys and leave people with no hope whatever of any future. This will deter asylum seekers, people smugglers and human rights defenders who see these concentration camps for what they are - hell holes.

Concentration camps were an invention of the British in South Africa during the South African War of 1899-1902. The British made themselves hated by the Afrikaners who were incarcerated and who died of ghastly diseases and other issues of helpless incarceration.

Think of other parts of Africa and Middle East areas around the world and consider how you feel about concentration/death camps.

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