11 December 2016


December 8th, 2016
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Dear IJAN supporter:
As this year comes to a close, we are in a profound moment of destabilization as we face an acceleration of ongoing racism, militarization, violence and repression and rise of fascist governments and forces across the globe. In the United States, Black and Brown people, Muslims, Palestinians, Syrians and other Arab activists and communities, women, immigrants, queer and trans folks, people with disabilities, poor people and many others have been targets of the white supremacist government taking the reigns in the US. We also have an opportunity to join together with so many others mobilizing in this moment and to ensure that anti-Zionism is central to the struggles against racism and for basic human rights and decency.
With the election this year, we knew that with either candidate, US support for Israel and partnership in domination in the region would have been strong. Now, with president-elect Trump, this partnership goes beyond political shared interests; he has personal and business relationships with repressive regimes and corporate networks across the globe.

Trump has claimed that he will establish Jerusalem as the capital of Israel meaning the complete ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in East Jerusalem - 
signaling a green light to Israel’s reactionary and increasingly fascist government. He has proposed to build a wall on the US Mexico border using the Israeli apartheid wall as an example. He has called for mass deportations and further repression of movements, and will likely adopt Israeli models to do so.
From the resistance to Zionism in Palestine, to the movement for indigenous land sovereignty in Standing Rock, to struggles for black liberation internationally, Zionist institutions have played a role in attacks on these movements for self-determination: we have also seen the power of movements grounded in grassroots resistance to injustice.
Many of the forces that elected Trump are both deeply Zionist and antisemitic. Antisemitism and white nationalism are explicit in the U.S. in a way they haven't been for decades. Zionists are misusing this rise of anti-semitic rhetoric to further justify the colonization of Palestine.  We are deeply disturbed by the appointment of openly anti-semitic politicians and the use of Nazi imagery and rhetoric. We are particularly concerned with the ways Zionists are exploiting this rise of anti-semitism to leverage support for Israel. We are already seeing Zionist institutions, as well as the Senate, fraudulently use the true histories and current expressions of anti-semitism to bolster support for Israel and silence free speech in the Palestine solidarity movement. Zionism will further anti-Muslim and anti-Arab racism and Israel will collaborate in enforcing it here in the United States and internationally.

We are infuriated, but we are not surprised, by the continued alignment of white supremacists and Zionists as we know their interests have always been aligned. We understand, in this moment more than ever, the importance of joint struggle against all forms of racism.
We are organizing against the looming attacks on Muslim and Arab communities activists and organizations. We are preparing to support Black, Brown, Arab and queer organizers in their community self-defense efforts. We are helping build strong movements that support self-determination and local national and international campaigns against repression.
Our work is cut out for us. Our relationships to each other are critical. Building organization, larger alliances, coalitions, and strong networks is vital now more than ever.
In love and struggle,
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN)

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