04 December 2016


Gillian Triggs has been disgustingly treated by the current federal government and nothing will excuse their current behaviour in relation to "getting rid of her". But certain members of the government have behaved more appallingly than others, if possible.

The latest abuses relate to the Lebanese communities in Australia - the usual smear where the vast majority are blamed for the misdeeds of the few, typically.

In contrast, explore the stories of Jews, zionists, anti-semites and related stories in the media in Australia, the handling by politicians of Jewish interests and Jewish affairs, the differences between young zionists being allowed to fight for Israel against the Palestinians but the selective rage against other young people who go overseas to fight in support of other countries and get slandered perpetually for what they have done.

Then we mustn't forget that although most politicians who are not Jewish support Israel against the Palestinians, there are two reasons for this support. The first is that they would like all Jews to get out of Australia and go and live in Israel, and the second is that their political parties in Australia receive vasts amount of funding by Jewish groups in Australia.

Hypocrisy, oh hypocrisy, it never ends!

Nationalism and racist rear their ugly heads everywhere and it is all encouraged by the politicians around the country who are racist to the core. Just think of the treatment of the Aboriginal communities around the country and how appallingly they are treated everywhere, by the police who are racists, by the governments who are as well, by the incarceration rates, by the employment or non employment and job opportunities - or not - everywhere, by the health neglect and lack of care by governments, the list continues.

Then also there is the ABC and what the governments are doing to it to decimate it and ruin its programmes by starving it of funds and appointing government toadies to run it and disallow legitimate discussion about the politics of the country - we have to be fair and give both sides of every argument - by closing off contrary arguments which are against government policies.

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