04 April 2010


The sermons - not on the mount, but in the Melbourne churches and others around Australia - were of a non-cristian pattern of attack - on atheists and atheism and its pernicious effect on people in this country.

Be alert and alarmed was the message, and don't be distracted from the big picture - sex abuse by priests, homophobic attacks against people in many communities, war in the name of religion, racist attacks on people who appear to be "different"!!

This is what religion has come down to in 2010 - is it any wonder that so many are questioning their faith in those who are supposed to have morals and ethics and are their leaders???

Religions are under threat and will continue to be so until people come to realise there is no-one up there listening to them and protecting them from a terrible fate awaiting them in the hereafter - whatever that is supposed to be!

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