13 April 2010


Rudd announced a clampdown on Afghan and Tamil asylum seekers trying to get into Australia by saying they will no longer be allowed in for processing or refugee status.

In other words those people who have fled from regimes of terror in their home countries because of the policies of governments like Howard's and now Rudd's in their foreign policies and who are now refugees will be returned to the brutal regimes which persecuted them in the first place.

Rudd has been attempting to trump Abbott who has just taken over Howard's "We will decide who comes to this country and the manner of their arrival".

When I left South Africa for Australia in 1978 I really thought I was going to a country whose politics were so much more humane and progressive than the apartheid regime I was fleeing from, but how wrong can one be?

30 years later and Rudd's Australia has sunk to the lowest depths imaginable - with a government that brooks no argument or dissent of any sort and intends to silence what dissent there is by its internet censorship. They may think they will have shut people up, but as has been shown elsewhere - Thailand at the moment comes to mind - despite the shootings and killings having occurred there, people are still prepared to stay in the streets until they get what they want - free and fair elections.

In that sense we may still have the small semblance of democracy remaining because we still have elections, but when one examines how this democracy works to demolish opposition of all sorts by way of those elections, one really has to wonder where this government is heading!

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