01 April 2010


Type the word sex into the Google search engine and you get the following:

The word "sex" has been filtered from the search because Google SafeSearch is active.

Google has made some story about withdrawing from its lucrative Chinese market because of that country's continuing censorship of the internet.

What this sentence reveals is that Google is doing just the same as the Chinese here in Australia and is endeavouring to censor what we may need to find out about sex and anything related to sexual activities.

How about safe sex messages to teach people about the dangers of unprotected sex when so many sexually transmitted diseases are around??

So anything to do with sex is taboo??

How did Google's developers arrive in the world?? Was it by some immaculate conception on the part of their mothers? Were they all taught that sexual activities are "dirty" because that infamous book the bible, written by some dirty old men some few thousands of years ago kept on talking about so-and-so begat so-and-so and someone else committed "adultery" and should be stoned to death accordingly?

It is an outrage that in this day and age a company like google should indulge in such mean-spirited and ridiculous censorship when they would be more aware than most that there are ways of circumventing this sort of nonsense!

When are these sorts of people going to grow up and accept that sex is part of life's activities and no amount of censorship is going to stop sex happening??

The world wide web is truly in a parlous state when sex is censored but violence and homophobia and bigotry and racist hate sites continue to flourish unabated.

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