30 January 2013


In their scramble to put five different pieces of anti-discrimination legislation into one basic anti-discrimination law, the Australian Federal Government is further entrenching discrimination and apartheid.

Apartheid has been one of the basic modus vivendi of Australian politics since 1788, but it gets further entrenched with every government in every state and territory since that date.

In a country as rich and prosperous as Australia there is no excuse whatever for the Indigenous population to suffer the indignities, poverty, ill-health, lack of education and all the other diseases from which the poorest people in the world suffer.

Many people and groups have made submissions to the government's proposed changes to the legislation, but one of the groups which was given assurances by the prime minister from the outset was one of the religious lobby groups who were assured that the discriminations which they have perpetrated against certain groups in the communities would be allowed to continue as before and no legislation would be introduced to change those exemptions.

Oh, the hypocrisy coming from an atheist prime minister - and an unmarried one - to organisations which discriminate in employment against atheists and unmarried people, whether male or female!

All of these discriminatory practices might have some modicum of acceptability if these religious organisations paid taxes as most other organisations and indviduals are forced to do by legislation in order for public infrastructures to be financed.

But the horror of it all is that not only are there thses tax exemptions but many of the project carried out by the religious organisations receive government support funding.

The perfidy is endless and the government should be sxposed by the main stream media for its behaviour. But the main stream media is in thrall to its ownership and "friendship" with the conservative politicians - roughly about 95% of them,and so remains silent on the apartheid "anti-discrimination" proposals.

In South Africa, during the worst years of the apartheid government, every time they introduced more and more repressive legislation it was given titles such as "The equal Education" law and one knew straight away that the government was making laws which became worse and worse as "separate development" developed the country between 1948 and 1994.

Now the same process is well under way in Australia and the gay, lesbian, transgender and HIV communities can expect the worst outcomes from legislation which further enshrines inequality.

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