24 January 2013


International campaign against the Jewish National Fund

Support the Plant-a-Tree in Palestine Delegation Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last year we sent a delegation to Palestine to document evidence and learn about the role of the Jewish National Fund in the on-going theft of Palestinian land and property land and cover-up of the displacement of the Palestinian people.

Per the request of the Palestinian Farmers Union, Stop the Wall Anti-Apartheid Committee, the Palestinian BDS National Committee and the villages who have lost trees, agricultural plots, farms and homes to the Israeli military, this year we are sending another delegation to plant trees in villages that are welcoming the effort to replant a fraction of what they have lost.

We are writing to ask you for your support for the January 5-14, 2013 Plant-a-Tree in Palestine delegation to build support for the Campaign to stop the Jewish National Fund (JNF). We are sending two delegates from the United States who will be planting trees and documenting the trip - taking photos and capturing video footage to create media and political education materials which we will use to grow the campaign.


The delegation will be planting 112 trees in 3 villages, one tree for each year the JNF has been colonizing Palestine. Many Palestinians have lost fruit bearing trees to JNF bulldozers- olive trees that had been tended for up to 1,000 years and citrus trees tended for generations. Members of the Palestinian Farmers Union and other local farmers will choose which kinds of trees they want to plant. Delegation participants will be actively participating alongside Palestinian farmers in resisting the goals of the JNF.

Please consider making a contribution to the delegation and/or planting a tree in Palestine. Each tree planted will go directly to one of the three villages and will contribute toward the delegation's expenses.

International campaign against the Jewish National Fund
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International campaign against the Jewish National Fund
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