14 October 2009


I don't really think it is worth wasting time watching AJN Watch which is nothing more than a sewer of its own creation. Bloggers who wish to remain anonymous do so by their own choice, but by so doing and hiding their identity they show they are afraid to expose themselves to the filth they are guilty of perpetrating.

The good thing about one's own blog is that one can decide whose posts will be put up on it, and I personally refuse to post anonymous contributions unless they identify themselves and ask to remain anonymous for public posting.

All the above is a preamble to the latest filth to spew out of the rear portions of AJN Watch.

Not only are they rabid zionists living in Australia and not in Israel, but they are also rabidly homophobic, attacking Aleph and Michael Barnett in such a scurrilous and underhand manner that they show they are not worthy of any serious consideration or toleration from those of us in the gay, lesbian, transgender and HIV/AIDS communities.

The reason for this post is to once more expose the filth which goes under the name of AJN Watch without any identification. As I said at the beginning, such people haven't got the courage of their convictions and hide behind a mask of anonymity so that they will not be able to be identified and discuss their filth in rational and reasonable manner as befits debate about issues on which there are many differences of opinion.

Their hatred of homosexuals and those connected to them should be reported to such organisations as the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and similar organisations and they should be forced to remove their disgusting public attacks on members of the community. If it was anti-semitism that was the issue you would hear their outcry from here to breakfast time and back again!!!!!!!!

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