22 October 2009


Michael Burd, that well-known zionist from Toorak not Tel Aviv, has some astonishing results from his statistical analysis of the Jewish Population Survey as the following extract from his 4 September 2009 letter to the Israel Zionist Times aka Australian Jewish News (AJN) illustrates:

Debunking myths
ONE of the revelations of the Jewish Population Survey was that 80 per cent of Jews support Israel. As editorialised in The AJN, this debunks the “absurd notion pushed by the likes of Antony Loewenstein and Jews Against the Occupation that there is a large silent group of Australian Jews who don’t support Israel”.

A little analysis of our own will explain, with some of the results of the Monash University survey:

September 2009 – Monash University
The Australian Jewish Community Survey 2008-2009
Methodological Considerations and Key Findings

The Gen08 Jewish population survey was conducted in Australia and New Zealand from September 2008 to April 2009. It was completed by more than 6,200 respondents.

A Jewish web site gives the following 2006 population figures: In Australia there are approximately 103,000 Jews who represent 0.5 per cent of the population. In New Zealand there are approximately 7,000 Jews who represent 0.15 per cent of the population.

Out of 120,000 Jews in Australia and New Zealand, about 6,000 responded to the Monash survey. This figure represents 5 per cent of the Jewish population. Of this number Burd tells us that 80 per cent of Jews support Israel. 80 per cent of 5 per cent leaves a total of 4 per cent of Jews in Australia and New Zealand who have expressed support for Israel. Whatever happened to the other 96 per cent?

This is rather a far cry from 80 per cent of the Jewish population of both countries as Burd would have us believe.

So it rather looks as if Burd of Toorak not Tel Aviv has shot himself in the foot yet again, and yet he gets his nonsensical letters published as the voice of the Jews in The Age and the AJN.

Burd should be laughed off the media for his unbelievable stupidity and prejudices.
When people like him discover that Israel is a theocracy not dissimilar to their friends the Iranians they will suddenly not enjoy what they see or hear. Israel has not only been invaded by the fundamentalist religious fanatics from the USA but is now being run by them, and there will not be peace in the region until the whole ghastly situation is reversed.

And as we all know, this will not happen until the USA stops feeding Israel with everything it requires for military domination of the region.

To unquote Neville Chamberlain: "NO PEACE IN OUR TIME!"

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